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Looking after your own health

Looking after your own health is vital when caring for others. Often, carers are so busy looking after their loved one that they neglect themselves. In some circumstances, carers are already unwell with their own illness, so it is important for carers to continue with their own medical treatments and supports.

Palliative Care Program
Your Palliative Care team can:

  • Monitor carer stress.
  • Consider carer stress in the care planning process.
  • Organise the appropriate equipment for your relative or friend that also helps prevent physical strain for carers (e.g. hospital bed, shower stool, etc.).
  • Encourage carers to visit their own GP and keep regular appointments.
  • Encourage carers to link into their own family, social and religious groups.
  • Encourage carers to take time for themselves.

Helpful resources and links
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Last Modified: Monday, 18 February 2019