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Beliefs or spiritual concerns

What does spirituality mean for you?
Spirituality can have different meanings for different people.

One understanding of spirituality considers it to be like a web of relationships – with people, places, beliefs, values and perhaps the sacred – that supports and nurtures us. Sometimes we might not be aware that it’s there, until a change or a crisis in life, such as caring for a loved one with a life-threatening illness, damages some important strands in that web. At such times carers might find themselves drawn to question their beliefs and seek a deeper understanding in the meaning of life and events.

Here are some useful information, resources and links to help you with your beliefs and spiritual concerns.

Palliative Care Program
Your Palliative Care team may;

  • Refer you to the Palliative Care spiritual care worker
  • Encourage you to have a support person
  • Encourage you to seek support from your religious community
  • Encourage you to have regular catch ups with close friends 
  • Further information on the Barwon Health Palliative Care Program

Helpful resources and links

Beliefnet is a site about inspiration, spirituality and faith.
The ABCs of Spirituality

Spirituality and Health Magazine
The Spirituality and Health Magazine covers topics including faith, Eastern philosophy, meditation, mainstream religion, nutrition and wellness. has an article on understanding spirituality

Last Modified: Monday, 18 February 2019