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Careers in Operating Services

Do you have a passion for nursing, patient care and working in a fast paced environment?

Working within Operating Services where no two days are the same, you will have the opportunity to be recognised, be challenged and be your best every day. 

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Gretta Volum Centre

The Gretta Volum Centre is a freestanding day surgery unit within University Hospital Geelong. It has two operating theatres and one endoscopy procedure room. Services are provided for patients undergoing a broad range of surgical, diagnostic procedures, intravenous therapy, abdominal paracentesis, and CVC line insertions.


The University Hospital Geelong Operating Suite comprises of ten operating rooms conducting a wide range of surgery.

Anaesthetic and Recovery

Barwon Health provides anaesthesia services for all elective and emergency surgery at University Hospital Geelong.


Ruby Perioperative Specialist Year Nurse

Ruby, Perioperative Specialist Year Nurse 

“I hadn’t worked in theatre before so starting this specialist year was all completely new. That’s rewarding, knowing I can do operations and how much I’ve learnt in such a small space of time. I had mentors in Perioperative Educator Liz Krstevski and the ANUMs, who I could closely work with for support through my different rotations. They’ve all been very supportive, helpful and willing to teachme new things. The grad team last year was great and transitioning to this year was a really good year with a lot of support. I’m planning to do a post-grad qualification next year while I continue working in theatre.”

Last Modified: Tuesday, 05 February 2019

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