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Transport and Parking

University Hospital Geelong

Public Transport

University Hospital Geelong can be easily accessed by bus, car or taxi transportation.


Two local bus companies service the Geelong area. The nearest bus stops to University Hospital Geelong are located on Ryrie Street and Little Ryrie Street.

For more information, visit;


Pick up and drop off patients at the following locations: University Hospital Geelong Bellerine Street Main Entrance, Andrew Love Cancer Centre, Kardinia House and Swanston Centre. Public telephones are located throughout the hospital.

Phone Geelong Taxi Network on 131 008.

Vehicle parking

In order to assist patients, clients and visitors to access Univeristy Hospital Geelong we would like to make you aware that vehicle parking opportunities around the hospital are limited, and consist mainly of City of Greater Geelong controlled, metered parking, with time restrictions ranging from between ½ an hour to two hours.

Parking officers regularly patrol the streets in these areas and patients and visitors are at risk of receiving parking infringement notices if their vehicles are parked illegally.

As it is not always possible to know how much time you may be required to remain at the hospital may we suggest that you take one of the following steps to avoid the risk of this happening to you:

  • Ask a family member or friend to drive you to the hospital, and when you are ready to leave, arrange for them to pick you up.
  • Ask a family member or friend to accompany you to the hospital in order that a vehicle can be moved if necessary.

City of Greater Geelong parking availability University Hospital Geelong

  • 2 hour parking on Swanston Street (east side between Ryrie and Myers Streets).
  • 2 hour parking on Bellerine Street (both sides between Ryrie and Myers Streets).
  • 3 hour parking on Myers Street (north side between Bellerine and Swanston Streets).
  • 4 hour parking on Myers Street (south side between Bellerine and Swanston Streets).
  • 4 hour parking on Swanston Street (west side between Myers and Ryrie Streets).

The City of Greater Geelong has developed a top-up mobile phone app should your appointment take longer than expected. 

We would also like to advise those patients who are in possession of a Category 1 (Blue) Disabled Permit that in addition to designated disabled parking spaces; they can park for double the allocated time they have paid for at any metered parking space.

Some circumstances make it difficult to monitor the nearby parking meters. If you get a council parking ticket and need to appeal it on compassionate grounds, contact our Consumer Liaison Officer, who will send you an Attendance Validation Form. You then send this form, along with your appeal, the City of Greater Geelong. The council will assess your appeal. The validation form does not guarantee an automatic waiver.

Private short-term parking in various areas close to Univeristy Hospital Geelong.

Parking concessions

Barwon Health public car park concessions may be provided on a case-by-case basis to vulnerable patients and visitors when required.

Vulnerable patients and visitors are classed as long or frequent stays, concession or pension card holders and DVA card holders.

Please ask to speak with a Nurse Unit Manager for more information.


Last Modified: Friday, 13 October 2023