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Equipment to help care for your relative or friend

During the course of a serious illness, it is often necessary to hire or buy equipment to assist with patient comfort and daily activity. This also gives an added benefit to carers, as the right equipment can help prevent physical strain for carers.

Here are some useful and endorsed information, resources and links to help you provide personal care.

Palliative Care Program
While the Palliative Care Program does not have any equipment available to loan, the Palliative Care team may:

  • Support and guide you in accessing suitable equipment.
  • Refer you to an occupational therapist.
  • Encourage you to purchase smaller items such as shower stools, over toilet seats, urinal bottles, bedsticks and toilet raisers (Some of these items can even be found in an op-shop).Sometimes it is necessary to have a special type of mattress protector (usually called Kylies), to help protect the bed in the presence of incontinence. 
  • Use a special equipment fund to hire items (this is for clients with limited financial resources) such as electric beds, recliner chairs, air mattresses and oxygen concentrators.  
  • Give you the Community Palliative Care brochure Equipment to Support You at Home.

Helpful resources and links

Suppliers - there are several companies in the Geelong region that specialise in medical equipment:





Last Modified: Friday, 22 September 2023