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Suicide Risk Assessment

The suicide risk assessment instrument was developed by Barwon Health in 1999.

It consists of 18 items, each graded on a three-point scale (low/moderate/high) covering: Suicidal Ideation, Suicide Plan, Access to Means, Prior Attempts, Anger / Hostility / Impulsivity, Depression (current level), Anxiety, Disorientation / Disorganisation, Hopelessness, Identifiable Stressors, Substance Abuse, Psychosis, Medical Status, Withdrawal from Others, Expressed Communication, Psychiatric Service History, Coping Strategies and Supportive Others (connectedness). Each item suggested prompts for the rating, for example for suicide plan the prompts are High - Specific and lethal, Moderate - Vague plan, Low - None.

In addition to the 18 items, there is a clinicians overall rating of suicide risk and a carers perception of risk on a four-point scale from one (low) to four (extreme).

Last Modified: Monday, 20 November 2023