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Emergency department waiting times

Tuesday, 05 November 2019

Spokesperson: Kate Bibby, Director, Public Affairs and Communications

Barwon Health is working to improve our performance and improve waiting times for people seeking treatment in the Emergency Department.

All urgent patients (category one) were treated immediately.

We are pleased that the ambulance transfer time was above the state average.

Waiting times can be impacted as a result of more people seeking treatment at the Emergency Department.

Barwon Health has seen a five per cent increase of people seeking emergency treatment, which is the second highest in the state.

Respiratory illnesses such as influenza place added pressure on hospital services during the colder months because they can make people with chronic conditions unwell, and there are more people seeking treatment.

Flu can also increase the length of stay for hospital admissions, which impacts flow through our Emergency Department. This trend was seen across all Victorian hospitals over winter.


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