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Student opportunities

Primary and secondary school students

In addition to volunteering, students have the opportunity to participate in fundraising activities and other projects to support Barwon Health in providing comfort and care to patients and their families.

Taking part in projects or fundraising activities can provide an added experience for students to complement their class work with a community development focus. Undertaking projects and fundraising activities allows students to get involved in a project from start to finish and is a great way to support the local community.

Supporting Barwon Health is easy and can be a really fun way to get your students working creatively as a team on a fun project while making a difference to their local community. Students have the opportunity to identify and decide what they would most like to support or participate in. The opportunities to support Barwon Health’s patients and families are endless.

Ideas for getting involved

Student participation

There are many ways for your school and students to support and participate in programs and services that enhance the health care provided to consumers.


Fundraising is great way for students to develop team building skills and use their creativity. Fundraising activities can form a project as part of your students learning and curriculum. By fundraising for projects, programs or services you will be directly contributing to enhancing the healthcare of consumers.

Donations of goods

Donating handmade items to be sold on Volunteers Services market stalls is a great way for students to show case their art and craft skills. Finished products from student’s woodwork, textiles or art classes could be donated to the market stalls to help raise funds.  

University students

We have a range of ways that students currently undergoing university studies may contribute to our organisation. We would welcome expressions of interest for forms of fundraising and would be available to discuss with you any ideas you may have. University students are also welcome to view the current volunteer roles we have available and apply via our online application form.

Volunteering is an opportunity to experience the health care setting whilst undergoing studies. It can assist you in further development of communication and interpersonal skills and give valuable insight into your chosen career path. We have volunteers across the organisation assisting in areas such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, hand therapy, emergency and oncology services to name a few.

For further information on how you can get involved or support Barwon Health, please phone (03) 4215 6160 or email [email protected]

Last Modified: Tuesday, 12 March 2019