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Meet Wallace Lodge resident Sharon Turnbull

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I was born in New South Wales as the youngest of my siblings. When my parents passed I moved around the state, eventually finding myself living in Melbourne for work. I worked at factories mostly and then at a motel as a housekeeper where I made lots of friends. While living in Melbourne I met my partner, we have two children, a son and a daughter, and two grandsons.

I made the decision to move to Wallace Lodge after having a lot of falls and being hospitalised. A nurse in rehabilitation discussed moving to Wallace Lodge with me and the benefits to my quality of life and I agreed. Since I have been in Wallace Lodge my daughter has taken care of my partner and my son who has autism and needs assistance. I am so appreciative that my daughter has been such a great help to our family. 

I have been at Wallace Lodge for almost four years now. I know everyone’s name and I make an effort to greet other residents and staff as I see them throughout the day. I enjoy socialising with the other residents and spending time together, we are a big family here. Outside of this I enjoy art and all the other activities and choices that we have available to us.

The nurses here are fantastic, they are very good at their job but they can also joke around with us, which is important. They help me on a daily basis to dress, wash and assist me getting to different places. For me it is important to have a nurse that is kind, caring and willing to build a good relationship with myself and the other residents.

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Last Modified: Wednesday, 27 February 2019