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Meet Wallace Lodge Registered Nurse Ken Pottenger


I relocated from Bendigo to the Geelong region five years ago after making the decision that I wanted a sea-change. Prior to moving from Bendigo I completed a certificate in Gerontological Nursing. Obtaining this certificate assisted me in furthering my career within Aged Care services and deepened my knowledge within Aged Care.

My first role at Barwon Health was within the inpatient rehabilitation and neurology ward as a Registered Nurse. Twelve months into my first role I was successful in obtaining a role as a Registered Nurse at Wallace Lodge. I have worked in this facility for 4 years now, and more recently acted in the manager’s role within Wallace Lodge Garden Side.

Residential Aged Care has offered me multiple professional development opportunities where I have been able to better my knowledge and understanding so that I can be in the best position to care for the residents. There are always courses run on aged illnesses like dementia that I have taken part in. Just recently I enrolled and have now been accepted to attend an in-service for three days next year which involves a complete health assessment of the aged person.

I love Aged Care and the fact that it is so holistic. You’re dealing with the entire person, not just the health problem. As well as this, you are dealing with the residents’ extended family regularly. At times you feel like you’re nursing the entire family, and I guess you somewhat are; you’re involved with the residents’ next of kin, their children, their grandchildren and so forth. Aged Care Nursing is different to any other nursing role because you’re dealing with every aspect of who they are as a person.

Aged Care is a specific area and requires you to be knowledgeable and understanding of a whole range of sicknesses and disabilities. You’re also liaising with a whole range of allied health professionals and doctors and working closely with them to care for the residents. Unlike other patients, the residents don’t heal, they don’t get younger and they don’t go home, so you are caring for them for a long period of time and getting to know them and their families on a personal basis. Aged Care is a very rewarding career.

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Last Modified: Wednesday, 27 February 2019