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Barwon Health / Maternity Services

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Maternity Ward

While you are in hospital midwives will help you learn to care for your baby and establish feeding your baby. Midwives will help you to:

  • Learn about your postnatal health and the health of your baby.
  • Learn to care for your baby. This will include bathing, nappy changing, and settling your baby.
  • Learn about how to feed your baby - breast or bottle.

The Maternity Ward (post-natal ward) consists of single rooms, double rooms and a four-bed room, there is a sunroom for visitors to sit in and a nursery that has facilities for bathing your baby.P1041447Post Natal Front Desk

The ward is staffed by midwives and doctors who provide care for pregnant and postnatal women and their babies, including support and help with breastfeeding. 

You will have your baby with you at your bedside during the day and night, this will help you to get to know your baby. 

The time you spend in hospital will depend on the type of birth you have had and your health.

Some women will have a caesarean section. Midwives will ensure that they have assistance to shower and care for their baby. Midwives will also ensure that they have enough pain relief medication.

A midwife will be assigned to your care at all times. All questions are important so please use the call bell system so your midwife can come and help you.

Please note: Unfortunately there is no facility for partners to stay at University Hospital Geelong. When your partner goes home at the end of visiting hours, your midwife will be there to help you. 

Visitor restrictions due to COVID-19 

Due to COVID-19 and to protect the health and safety of patients and staff, visitor restrictions are now in place. Click here to view the most up-to-date visitor restrictions.

Professional photography

Barwon Health's Maternity Service has an agreement in place with local photography company Sugar Images. Sugar Images are a multi-international award winning photography business located on Pakington Street, Geelong West. Information booklets about their services, including prices, are available on the Maternity Ward. For more information visit their website:

Falls prevention

Mothers of new babies can fall while in hospital. This information will help you to reduce your chance of falling while in hospital.

As a new mother you may have an increased risk of falling if you:

  • are very tired or drowsy
  • have had an epidural, spinal or general anaesthetic, sedation or pain relief
  • have had bleeding that makes you feel faint or light headed
  • are taking certain medication for conditions such as blood pressure or diabetes
  • are wearing badly fitting footwear, socks or surgical stockings without shoes
  • have a visual or physical impairment.

If you have any of these risks, staff will advise you on how to stay safe. 

Ensure you take your time and familiarise yourself with your room and bathroom; getting up slowly from your bed or chair and use your call bell for assistance as soon as you need it.

Hand hygiene

Every person entering a Barwon Health site is asked to use the pink hand hygiene pumps to clean their hands. This includes visiting specialists, all staff, visitors and family. By doing so you can help reduce the spread of infection. 

Latex-free policy

Barwon Health is a latex-free health service, please do not bring latex balloons into the health service. 


Last Modified: Tuesday, 14 April 2020