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How to breastfeed

What position should I use?

There are lots of different positions for breastfeeding. You just need to check the following:

  • Are you comfortable?
  • Are your baby’s head and body in a straight line? If not, your baby might not be able to swallow easily
  • Are you holding your baby close to you? Support your baby’s shoulders and back. Your baby should be able to tilt their head back easily and shouldn’t have to reach to feed

Is your baby’s nose opposite your nipple?

Your baby needs to get a big mouthful of breast from underneath the nipple.


When baby opens wide, with their head tipped back, their chin will touch your breast first.

2. breastfeeding

3 breastfeeding

You can also feed your baby while lying on your side or using the underarm (rugby) hold. 

4 breastfeeding

5 breastfeeding

signs your baby is feeding well

Last Modified: Thursday, 25 July 2019