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Baby comfort

Babies are sensitive to both heat and the cold. If you are feeling hot or cold then your baby is likely to be feeling the same.

To gauge your babies comfort, place your fingers inside of the neck of your babies singlet (upper garments). 

The chest is not affected by the ambient temperatures.

When the weather is hot: 

  • Protect your baby from direct sunlight
  • Dress your baby in light clothes
  • Do not dress your baby in plastic pants over the nappy
  • Ensure the babies bed is well ventilated
  • Make sure the air is circulating. You may choose to use a fan that is not directed at the baby
  • Babies can be cooled by bathing them in a tepid bath.

Heat rashes are common in babies and heal quickly once the baby is cooled.

Tummy time

Supervised tummy time is very important for babies even as newborn babies. It builds stronger neck, shoulder, arm and back muscles, helps with baby’s brain development and prevents babies developing flat spots on their heads.

Last Modified: Wednesday, 22 March 2017