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Barwon Health / Maternity Services

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Having your baby

Once you're in active labour or the date has arrived for your planned induction of labour or caesarean section, you will need to come to the hospital and have your baby.

With experienced midwives and doctors to care for you, you will either have your baby in a birth room on the Birth Suite or in an operating theatre in the Operation Suite depending on the type of birth you have.

Following your birth you and your baby will spend time on the postnatal ward where midwives will help you learn to care for and feed your baby. If you have a normal birth and both you and your baby are well following the birth you also can opt for an early discharge from Birth Suite.

Some babies may have to be treated in the Special Care Nursery. If your baby is in Special Care Nursery you are welcome to visit whenever you wish. The nurses and midwives in Special Care Nursery will keep you informed about your baby’s health and help you to be able to talk to, touch, and if able cuddle your baby. They will also help you to express breast milk if your baby is unable to breastfeed.

Last Modified: Thursday, 08 February 2018