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Barwon Health / Maternity Services

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Teaching and research

University Hospital Geelong is a teaching hospital. Midwifery and medical students may wish to observe or take part in your care. Student midwives’ course requirements include following women throughout their pregnancy and birth experience, and they may approach you with this request. Whilst it is your right to refuse student involvement, it is greatly appreciated when they are given this important supervised learning opportunity.

Student Continuity of Care Experience - Deakin University

Would you like to contribute to the development of a midwifery student while being offered extra support during your pregnancy?



Barwon Health conducts research involving women and their babies at times. The Barwon Health Research and Ethics Advisory Committee approve all research projects. You may be asked to take part in one or more projects during your pregnancy, birth or early parenting period. If you decide not to participate, this will in no way affect the care you receive.

Before taking part in a research project you will be given a written explanation and asked to sign a consent form. You can withdraw at any stage if you change your mind.

Currently Recruiting Clinical Trials


Last Modified: Thursday, 06 May 2021