Welcome to Maternity Services

Our service provides pregnancy, birth and postnatal care to the Geelong community and the wider Barwon South West region. Our staff are dedicated to providing quality, safe and culturally appropriate care in partnership with women and their families using evidence based care to achieve the best health outcomes. We demonstrate our values of respect, compassion, commitment, accountability and innovation in all that we do.

If you have a Medicare card there are generally no out-of-pocket expenses for services provided by University Hospital Geelong Maternity Services. This applies to consultants and reviews with midwifery and obstetric staff, allied health support, and inpatient services.

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Free flu vaccines for pregnant women

Vaccination against flu is the best way to protect you and your children from flu and any associated illness. Seasonal influenza vaccines are available from mid-April 2018 under the National Immunisation Program. Vaccines are free for expectant mothers. 

Click here to find out where and when you can get your flu vaccination in the Geelong region.

  • Vaccinate against flu. Protect your baby too.

    What is influenza? Influenza is a highly contagious viral infection that spreads when an infected person coughs or sneezes.Influenza can cause severe illness and life-threatening complications, inclu...

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    Vaccinate against flu. Protect your baby too.
  • Breastfeeding

    Breastfeeding makes a big difference to both your baby’s health and yours – the longer you feed your baby mum’s milk, the longer they benefit.

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  • Labour & birth

    Labor and birth is often the most thought about part of pregnancy. Find out about the stages of labour and birth by clicking the link below.

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  • Coming to hospital

    Everything you need to know about coming to hospital.

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  • Having an ultrasound

    An ultrasound scanner uses high frequency sound waves that bounce off solid objects and create a picture on a screen.

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