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Barwon Health / Maternity Services

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Coming to hospital

It can be difficult to decide when labour has started and when to come to hospital. If you are unsure you can ring the Birth Suite at any time for advice. The midwives are accustomed to speaking to women and their support person on the phone as they seek advice about the decision to come to the hospital.

The midwife will ask you about how long you have had contractions. The midwife will ask about the frequency of the contractions and how long the contractions last. The midwife will also ask about your previous births and how far from the hospital you live. This information will assist the midwife in giving you and your support person the correct advice.

When should I ring the hospital?

  • If you think your membranes have ruptured
  • If you’re having regular contractions at about five minute intervals
  • If you have bleeding (more than blood-stained mucous discharge)
  • If you’re feeling anxious
  • If your babies movements are reduced or absent

Last Modified: Wednesday, 17 February 2021