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Feeding your baby

It is important to make the time you spend feeding your baby relaxed and enjoyable. Feeding time is an important opportunity to be close to your baby and instill feelings of love and closeness that are so important to your baby.

  • Read your babies cues and feed your baby before he/she becomes distressed
  • Make sure you are sitting or lying comfortably
  • Take the phone off the hook or allow calls to go to message bank
  • Make sure your toddler is entertained by having books, music, toys, a snack and drink all within your reach
  • Have a nappy, hand towel, nappy wipes close in case of baby needing a nappy change or a spit or posit.

To burp your baby, position him/her in an upright position on your lap or over your shoulder. Your baby may or may not burp, it is important to give him/her the opportunity.

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Last Modified: Friday, 13 April 2018