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Bottle feeding

There are some important things to know if you are planning to bottle feed your baby, whether you are using expressed breast milk or formula.

You will need bottle feeding equipment including a number of large bottles, rings and caps, and several teats. Bottles are made from food grade plastic, and teats are either made from latex or silicone, and vary in size and shape, generally according to baby’s age. No one is better than the other. Choose bottles that are simple and easy to clean, and try teats with bigger or smaller holes until you find the one that you and your baby are happy with.

Commercial formula is the only safe alternative to breast milk for the first 12 months, but choosing an appropriate breast milk substitute if formula feeding can be daunting. There are many brands and advertising features to choose from. The information provided in ‘breast milk substitutes’ does not recommend one brand over another, but is provided to help you understand the choices available.

New babies immune systems are not yet fully developed to, protect them from infection. That means all bottle feeding equipment needs be properly cleaned and disinfected before and after use until your baby is around 12 months of age.   You will also need access to good quality fresh water, which needs to be boiled before use some type of sterilising equipment to keep everything clean.



Last Modified: Tuesday, 21 February 2023