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Research Agreements, Insurance and Indemnity

Do I need an agreement, or an indemnity or insurance?

Check the BH Agreements Guide to see if an Agreement, or an indemnity or insurance is needed for your project, then read on below for more information:


Agreements are needed for every project except when the only site is Barwon Health and all investigators are Barwon Health employees.

The lead site or sponsor usually provides the agreement (and indemnity and insurance if needed). 

Agreements are used to define the roles and obligations of each party to a research study, cover potential liability arising from the conduct of the study and set out insurance requirements.  In order to manage the risk associated with legal liability that may arise from the conduct of research, and to avoid assuming any liability the organisation would not otherwise be responsible for, Barwon Health uses standard agreements which include clauses on liability and insurance and may require examples of the indemnity and insurance to be inserted into the Agreement.

The most commonly used Agreements are:


If needed, minimum requirements for insurance are:

  • Products/Public liability not less than $10 million per claim and in the annual aggregate.
  • Professional indemnity not less than $10 million per claim and in the annual aggregate.
  • Deductible or Self Insured Retention must be less than $25,000.


If needed, an indemnity is a statement by one party to compensate the other party for loss or damage suffered by the other party during agreed works. 

Preferred Agreement and Indemnity Templates

Barwon Health has a number of preferred agreement templates available for use.  These ensure your and Barwon Health’s interests are protected in conducting research. 

Barwon Health Details for Agreements

  • Institution Name:  Barwon Health
  • ABN: 45 877 249 165
  • Address: Ryrie Street Geelong VIC 3220
  • Contact: Director of Research
  • Email for notices: [email protected]
  • Signatory: RDU will organise CMO or delegate sign off

Payment details for Barwon Health

  • Bank: NAB, 49 Malop Street, Geelong 3220
  • BSB: 083 646
  • Acc: 515 794 188


Last Modified: Wednesday, 13 March 2024