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Clinical Trials

Information for patients and families

Barwon Health has been conducting clinical trial research for more than 25 years. Our longevity and success is thanks to thousands of volunteers, who dedicate their time to support research and improve the health of our region and future generations.

Barwon Health are always looking for volunteers, so if you want to get involved or would like to find out more about for a trial in a particular area, click here.

Numerous studies have demonstrated better clinical outcomes for clinical trial participants irrespective of treatment allocation (active intervention or control group) because of the expert monitoring and treatment they receive as part of the clinical trial.

Information for industry

Barwon Health, working with industry, universities and collaborators, has experience with commercially sponsored clinical trials and collaborative investigator initiated projects.

Our health service cares for communities throughout the Barwon South West region. Our region features a wide variation in demographic and socioeconomic indicators, which provides a diverse pool of trial participants volunteering for clinical trials at our organisation.

Barwon Health has expertise in conducting the following types of clinical trials:

  • Inpatient, including critically ill patients who require responsible person consent, and outpatient trials
  • Paediatrics and adult trials
  • Phase Ib to Phase IV
  • Device trials
  • Genetically Modified Organisations (GMOs)
  • Biologicals

All clinical trials at Barwon Health are conducted in accordance with the International Conference on Harmonisation Guidance on Good Clinical Practice (CPMP/ICH/135/95) and the National Statement of Ethical Conduct in Human Research.

Barwon Health has diverse clinical trial teams located throughout the organisation. Some are co-located within their speciality areas and other have dedicated clinical trial space which include consulting rooms, waiting areas and sample processing space.

The diversity of the clinical trial teams means we have access to a wide range of standard equipment required for the conduct of trials. Equipment is maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and calibrated and safety checked via the Barwon Health Biomedical Engineering Department.

For more information about clinical trials in specific therapeutic areas, please contact the Trial Unit Manager listed below:

Karen Fogarty 
Phone: (03) 4215 1033
Email: [email protected] 

Endocrinology / Diabetes / Infectious Diseases
Alana Sarah / Bree Sarah
Phone: (03) 4215 2876 / (03) 4215 2875
Email: [email protected] / [email protected] 

Sharryn Savickas
Phone: (03) 4215 0718
Email: s[email protected] 

Lea-Anne Harrison
Phone: (03) 4215 2758 
Email: [email protected]

ICARe (Intensive Care Audit & Research)

Allison Bone 
Phone: (03) 4215 1730
Email:  [email protected] 

Mental Health
Olivia Dean
Phone: (03) 4215 3300
Email: [email protected]

Palliative Care
Anna Dowd
Phone: (03) 4215 5676
Email: [email protected] 

Dr Andrew Marriott / Melissa Formica 
Phone: (03) 4215 1901 / (03) 4215 1919
Email: [email protected] / [email protected] 

Dr Eileen Moore
Phone: (03) 4215 2001
Email: [email protected] 

Sally Beattie
Phone: (03) 4215 2208
Email: [email protected]

Dr Julian Stella
Phone: (03) 4215 0107
Email: [email protected]

Nicola Cooley
Phone: (03) 4215 3389
Email: [email protected]

Last Modified: Monday, 11 May 2020