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Effective partnerships between public hospitals, research institutes and universities are vital in tackling the many health challenges facing the community. Barwon Health values partnerships with organisations across Australia and internationally.


Partnerships in Focus

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Barwon Health & Deakin University

Deakin University and Barwon Health have partnered for more than two decades, improving health services and powering innovation in the Barwon region and beyond. The partnership helps to build a health workforce of medical, nursing and midwifery, and allied health clinicians.

We’ve collaborated on over 100 research projects to support better health outcomes locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Our research partnership enhances social, cultural, economic and community outcomes including mental health, cancer services, maternal and child health, healthy ageing, and population health.

NEW: The Barwon Health and Deakin University Clinician Scientist Pathway

Together, we're creating Australia’s most innovative Clinician Scientist Pathway, co-investing $1.34M over four years to fund 10 clinician PhDs across medicine, nursing and allied health. We know a thriving clinician PhD program is vital to the future of our partnership and brings immediate and long-term benefits to patient care.

The Barwon Health and Deakin University Clinician Scientist Pathway is designed to recruit and retain exceptional talent. The pathway provides the following benefits:

  • Provides the certainty of a four-year appointment.
  • Supports researchers to complete clinical training or maintain clinical roles and work flexibly with their training body to meet requirements, such as specific clinical competencies and rotations.
  • Provides employees with excellent opportunities to build their research track record, positioning them for future funding success and clinical and research leadership.
  • Provides improved career prospects for allied health, nursing, and medical clinicians with PhD qualifications.

The Clinician Scientist Pathway will be open to medical, nursing, midwifery and allied health clinicians.

For further information please contact: [email protected]


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Barwon Health & Western Alliance

Barwon Health is proud to be a governing partner of Western Alliance, the first Australian academic health science centre to focus on regional health outcomes.

Academic health science centres are formal partnerships of universities and health care service providers to collaborate in research, clinical services, education and training. They work to ensure that evidence from research is translated into clinical practice, policy, administrative decision making and benefits for patients and communities.



Partner with Barwon Health

To discuss opportunities for research partnerships and collaborations, contact the Barwon Health Research Directorate by emailing [email protected]


Last Modified: Monday, 09 October 2023