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Single site Low Risk Applications

Single site research projects include research projects that use data/specimens/or seek participants from one site only.

Your project is single site if you are asking Barwon Health to review the project for one site only. Barwon Health is considered a single site, which includes all Barwon Health owned locations such as Barwon Health North and McKellar Centre.

Low risk research is where the only foreseeable risk is one of discomfort. Where the risk, even if unlikely, is more serious than discomfort, the research is not low risk (National Statement, 2023). If you’re not sure whether your research is suitable for a low risk application, please visit the how to prepare an application page or download and complete the ‘Level of Risk Checklist’. You may also contact [email protected] with any queries.

Single site Low Risk projects are reviewed by Barwon Health Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC). Please visit the HREC page for meeting dates and submission deadlines.

Read all of the points in the process (including information drop-downs) before commencing with your application. Note that the numbering system is arbitrary and that multiple steps can be undertaken in parallel to save you time.

All application submission, feedback, correspondence, information requests and approvals occur within Ethical Review Manager (ERM).


Contact RDU with any queries or concerns

RDU is here to help. If you are not sure where to start or have a question regarding your research project, email us at [email protected] and a member of the RDU team will get back to you within 24 hours.  If you have a current application underway, please ensure you include your Barwon Health reference number in your enquiry.

Last Modified: Friday, 24 May 2024