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Barwon Health / Research

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About Us

With our consumers at the forefront, we support and conduct research and translation that advances health and wellbeing for all.

Barwon Health is committed to developing a vibrant culture of education, training and research. We support research that ranges from increasing our basic understanding of the world, to translating directly to improved care at the hospital bedside.

Research is one of Barwon Health’s key strategic pillars. In practical terms, this means research is conducted every day by every Barwon Health department. This research may take the form of a quality audit, a patient experience survey, a review of literature, a cell culture experiment or a randomised controlled clinical trial. The staff conducting this research include research scholars, medical students, doctors, specialists, nurses, pharmacists, clinical trial coordinators and allied health professionals, often in collaboration with leading research institutions across the world.

Importantly, the Barwon Health Research Development Unit (RDU) ensures the research complies with national and international research ethics and governance guidelines and laws and exemplifies best practice.

Quality research is truly embedded in every aspect of care across Barwon Health.

Last Modified: Thursday, 01 June 2023