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About RDU

Meet the Research Development Unit (RDU)

Main RDU contacts: [email protected] or (03) 4215 3374

Dr Nicola CooleyMs Michelle HortonMr Richard LarsenMs Moira WeeksMs Kristin Vanderchys

Acting Manager

Mon - Fri

4215 3389

Senior Governance Officer

Mon - Thur

4215 3374

Senior Ethics Officer

Mon - Fri

4215 3371

Administration Officer

Mon - Fri

4215 3374

Governance Officer

Mon am, Tues, Thur, Fri

4215 3374

Please forward all correspondence and queries to and a member of the team will get back to you within 24 hours

Visit us in person

The Research Development Unit is located at the Adrian Costa Clinical Trials Centre (Building C), Level 2, 73 Little Ryrie St, Geelong.

Our area has lots of space for one on one or group meetings, allowing more flexibility for researchers to seek help with their projects in person. There are a couple of hot desks available too for those needing hands-on help to submit via ERM.

Appointments can be made by emailing us at [email protected] or by phone on (03) 4215 3374.


About the Research Development Unit

Barwon Health has a vibrant research culture and enviable track record of research achievements. This research activity is supported by the RDU, located at 2/73 Little Ryrie St Geelong. The RDU is an organisational unit of the Research Directorate and manages the many aspects of research conduct, research ethics and governance applications and supports the Human Research Ethics Committee review processes.

The RDU team has a strong background in research ethics, governance and research management and provides support and advice on research design, data management and analysis, and ethics applications. RDU also offers training for novice and developing researchers.

All Barwon Health staff and associates interested in research are encouraged to get in touch with the RDU team and get some tips for negotiating research ethics and governance. 

RDU recommends talking to your Manager and Head of Department early about your intended research project. This ensures any concerns they may have can be ironed out, and that you have their support when it comes to ethics and governance application time.

In alignment with the Barwon Health Research Strategic Plan (RSP), the RDU's role is to ensure that:

  • Barwon Health achieves research excellence and maintains the highest standards of research integrity and research conduct
  • Barwon Health research exemplifies best practice and complies with national and international research ethics and governance guidelines and laws

The RDU works to achieve these aims by:

  • Providing support, advice and training to experienced and novice researchers on research design, data management and analysis, ethics applications and research dissemination
  • Providing support for research oversight to regional partners and collaborators
  • Coordinating all aspects of research oversight and compliance for research carried out under the auspices of Barwon Health
  • Coordinating and convening the Barwon Health Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) 
  • Reviewing and managing insurance, indemnity and contract documentation associated with clinical trials with the support of the Research Management Committee

All correspondence and enquiries for RDU, Ethics (HREC) and Governance (RGO), should be forwarded to [email protected]


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Last Modified: Monday, 20 May 2024