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Patients & Families

Barwon Health has been conducting clinical trial research for more than 25 years. Our longevity and success is thanks to thousands of volunteers, who dedicate their time to support research and improve the health of our region and future generations.

Barwon Health are always looking for volunteers, so if you want to get involved, click here. Alternatively, if you are looking for a trial in a particular area, click here.

Numerous studies have demonstrated better clinical outcomes for clinical trial participants irrespective of treatment allocation (active intervention or control group) because of the expert monitoring and treatment they receive as part of the clinical trial.

The Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights describes what you, or someone you care for, can expect when receiving health care. To view the Charter in English, please click here, or to read more about your rights at Barwon Health, please click here.

The Consumer Guide to Clinical Trials provides a great overview that answers some commonly asked questions. Click here to read the consumer guide.

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Ethics Resources (CALDER) abotu clinical trials are produced by the Melbourne Academic Centre for Health

Barwon Health Clinical Trials Community Snapshots

Keen to find out more about clinical trials at Barwon Health?

Watch the snapshot videos below to hear from Barwon Health clinical trial researchers and a clinical trial participant about:

  • Health advances made possible through clinical trials conducted at Barwon Health
  • Exciting new trials underway and coming soon
  • What it’s really like to take part in a clinical trial

Interview with a clinical trial participant about their experience at Barwon Health: Ms Bree Sarah, Research Operations Manager, Adrian Costa Clinical Trials Centre, Barwon Health (3 min)

Click here to watch

CSTU Trials in cancer and chemotherapy: Dr Chiara Bortolasci, Clinical Trials Manager, Cancer Services Trials Unit (CSTU), Barwon Health (5 min)

Click here to watch

CHeRUB trials in childhood asthma and wheeze: Prof Peter Vuillermin, Director of Research and Research Lead, Child Health Research Unit at Barwon Health (CHeRUB) (4 min)

Click here to watch

The role of Clinical Trials Pharmacists: Ms Tracy Shields, Clinical Trials Pharmacist, Pharmacy Unit, Barwon Health (3 min)

Click here to watch

CTU trials in COVID-19 vaccines and other infections: Ms Kathryn Ellis, Manager, Clinical Trials Unit (CTU), Barwon Health (7 min)

Click here to watch

Cardiology trials in heart failure and other cardiovascular conditions: Dr Will Hughes, Research Fellow, Cardiology Research Unit, Barwon Health (7 min)

Click here to watch

Infectious disease trials in shingles vaccine, long COVID: Prof Eugene Athan, Director, Dept of Infectious Diseases, Barwon Health (3 min)

Click here to watch

IMPACT trials in methamphetamine dependence: Dr Alyna Turner, Deputy Director, IMPACT Trials (4 min)

Click here to watch

iValidate: Partnering with consumers in end of life care for shared decision making. A/Prof Neil Orford, Intensive Care Specialist, Barwon Health
Recorded at the 2022 Western Alliance Symposium
Click here to watch

Last Modified: Friday, 28 July 2023