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Barwon Health and Deakin University Research and Grand Round Webinar Series

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Welcome to the Barwon Health and Deakin University Research and Grand Round Webinar Series. This amalgamation of the Barwon Health and Deakin University Research Webinar Program with the Barwon Health Grand Round Program recognises the significant crossover between the expertise of Barwon Health and Deakin University clinicians and researchers. We hope it will further encourage collaboration, translation and cross pollination of ideas.

The Series, held each Tuesday at 12:30pm, is open to clinicians, researchers and students.

Throughout the Series, we support poster viewing and interaction, host the Best Paper of the Year competition, and announce the poster prize winners. 

Attend the event in person

  • HERB Lecture Theatre, Level 1, Health Education & Research Building
    Preceded by lunch at 12:15pm in the HERB Lecture Theatre foyer

View the webinar at UHG

  • Live streamed in the John Lindell Theatre, University Hospital Geelong

Join the webinar from your PC or device:

  • Please click here to join. Webinar ID: 944 5508 2689
  • Password (if you're asked for one): 50589711

Need help?

  • If you are having trouble, have questions or want instructions to join via teleconference, contact [email protected] or +61 (03) 4215 3389.

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  • Tues 8 Nov: Why and how to ask patients about sexuality. Watch recording. Passcode yn1ZR^D3
  • Tues 18 Oct: Food security in the Barwon region. Zoe Barnett & Colin Bell. Watch recording. Passcode 8^u!nn*3 
  • Tues 11 Oct: Nursing and Research at BH and DU. Alison Hutchinson. Watch recording. Passcode ?wa8ESs.
  • Tues 4 Oct: Centre for Innovation in Infectious Diseases and Immunology Research (CIIDIR) Showcase. Watch recording. Passcode +x3k556a 
  • Tues 13 Sept: Self-improving health system. John Zalcberg. Watch recording. Passcode ?VUH53fF
  • Tues 6 Sept: Tania Elderkin Oration. Neil Orford. Watch recording. Passcode nD7$%9Hh
  • Tues 30 August. Adrenal incidentalomas. Aviva Fryman & Mark Kotowicz. Watch recording. Passcode PkZ+F9D5
  • Tues 16 August: Lessons from the CCOPMM 2020 Child Mortality report. Dave Fuller. Watch recording. Passcode FxS5$K.z
  • Tues 26 July: Schizophrenia: cell biology. Alan Mackay-Sim. Watch recording. Passcode jh?EX7as
  • Tues 19 July: Role of Trauma in bipolar disorders. Anna Wrobel. Watch recording. Passcode 8rE$^1#e
  • Tues 12 July: Rural health & research. Vin Versace, Anna Wong Shee, Laura Alston. Watch recording. Passcode 98G%v=Xn
  • Tues 21 June: In-hospital smoking cessation program review & trial. Anna Ugalde & Johnson George. Watch recording. Passcode #77=0vkN
  • Tues 14 June: COVID-19 immunopathology & Long COVID. Callum Maggs & Arvind Yerramilli. Watch recording. Passcode F0nQ.rgf
  • Tues 7 June: Pulmonary Emboli. Anna Dunn. Watch recording. Passcode *fiqpP.9
  • Tues 31 May: Diabetes management. Mark Kotowicz, Shannon McCarthy. Watch recording. Passcode [email protected]%[email protected] 
  • Tues 24 May: Brain Capital. Harris Eyre, Jay Weatherill, Matt Wright. Watch recording. Passcode !^5i6==8 
  • Tues 17 May. Clinical Nutrition. David Russell. Watch recording. Passcode 9XF!0=cF
  • Tues 10 May: Our Planet, Our Health: Spotlight on Policy and Advocacy Efforts in Australia. Rebecca Patrick. Watch recording. Passcode c19f!$uW
  • Tues 3 May: Interprofessional simulation. Kate McCloskey. Watch recording. Passcode Ss#^T4!&
  • Tues 26 April: Dermatology. Joshua Elakis and Doug McColl. Watch recording. Passcode 1$Ajy*Z1 
  • Tues 5 April: Hepatitis C micro-elimination. Amanda Wade. Watch recording. Passcode F8F^3zQh
  • Tues 22 March: Delirium. Rosie Crone. Watch recording. Passcode h2s8+D.A 
  • Tues 15 March: Shannon Sahlqvist, Kim Anastasiou, Rebecca Patrick. Active Travel, Sustainable Food. Watch recording. Passcode b*ZL2trv
  • Tues 8 March: Alison Yung. Detecting those at hgh risk of psychotic disorders. Watch recording. Passcode $KdLM%5A   
  • Tues 1 March: Paediatric SimComm. Kate McCloskey, Mike Forrester, Amy Linklater. Watch recording. Passcode !5X#DXcQ
  • Tues 22 February: Spotlight on ECRs. Sam Dawson, Claire Young & Kanika Mehta. Watch recording. Passcode =g3U4wZ7
  • Tues 14 February: BH DU Research Poster Showcase. Watch recording. Passcode qAmhK5X$
  • Tues 8 February: Vern Plueckhahn Oration by Prof Sharon Lewin. Watch recording. Passcode 0=8d0!Ar


Virtual Research Poster Exhibition

Now you can enjoy the research posters submitted by our best and brightest Barwon Health and Deakin University researchers at your leisure.

We now invite you to take a virtual walk through the exhibition. Visit:

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