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Barwon Health and Deakin University Research and Grand Round Webinar Series

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Welcome to the Barwon Health and Deakin University Research and Grand Round Webinar Series. This amalgamation of the Barwon Health and Deakin University Research Webinar Program with the Barwon Health Grand Round Program recognises the significant crossover between the expertise of Barwon Health and Deakin University clinicians and researchers. We hope it will further encourage collaboration, translation and cross pollination of ideas.

The Series, held each Tuesday at 12:30pm, is open to clinicians, researchers and students.

Throughout the Series, we support poster viewing and interaction, host the Best Paper of the Year competition, and announce the poster prize winners. 

Join the webinar from your PC or device:

Please click here to join. Webinar ID: 944 5508 2689

Password (if you're asked for one): 505897

To ask a question, please raise a 'virtual hand' and the host will announce and unmute you.

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Need help?

If you are having trouble, have questions or want instructions to join via teleconference, contact [email protected] or +61 (03) 4215 3389.

Missed a Webinar? Catch up here

To view a recording of Grand Round webinars, please contact [email protected]


  • Tues 12 October. Coding Multidisciplinary Meetings. Hannah Rose & Sophie Tobias. Watch recording. Passcode: D2.i^?3% 
  • Tues 5 October: FindWays: a website for parents to find ways to help their child’s mental health problems. Dan Peyton. Watch recording. Passcode: PbKe&8k=
  • Tues 14 September: Innovations in Community Health. Toni Hogg & Chris Cooper. Watch recording. Passcode 0^o.H7k*
  • Tues 7 September: Agar Memorial Lecture. Inflammation & Cardiovascular Disease. Jamie Layland. Watch recording. Passcode [email protected]+z99
  • Tues 31 August: Light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel. Eugene Athan & Deborah Kay. Watch recording. Passcode: H+0K62#* 
  • Tues 23 August: Preventing chronic post-surgical pain. Kate Carroll, Kim Murray, Andrew Marriott & Claire Furyk. Watch recording. Passcode: iR4q5v=h
  • Tues 17 August. Tanya Elderkin Oration by Dr Priya Nair. Watch recording. Passcode: Dza#L7$=
  • Tues 3 August: Food & Mood Research. Meg Hockey & Samantha Dawson. Watch recording. Passcode: 1^fYE^.W
  • Tues 27 July: Commercialising Research. Sean McGee, Michael Vovos & Julie White. Watch recording. Passcode: 0Z&A^Dt7
  • Tues 20 July: Allied Health Research & Translation: Olivia King, Nikki Lyons, Mark Kelly, Emma Edwards & Nicole Shaw. Watch recording. Passcode: d5QtH^xT
  • Tues 13 July: Northern Health's Pursuit of the Best Medical Model to meet increased Demand. Yana Sunderland. Watch recording. Passcode !QnV^gs1 
  • Tues 22 June: Co-existing with COVID. Catherine Bennett. Watch recording. Passcode: Tk4B=#3#
  • Tues 15 June: Preconception care & pelvic pain. Geraldine Masson & Marilla Druitt. Watch recording. Passcode: xMpg%qc3 
  • Tues 8 June: Medicinal Cannabis. Penny Gleeson, John-Paul Nicolo, Michael Vagg. Watch recording. Passcode: twkgze5. 
  • Tues 25 May: Nature-based healthcare. Claire Henderson-Wilson, Phillip Roös, Tristan Snell. Watch recording. Passcode L4^C^[email protected]
  • Tues 18 May: Clinical ethics. Clare Delany. Watch recording. Passcode [email protected]
  • Tues 11 May: AFL and AFLW injuries. Stephen Gill, Julian Stella, Nicole Lowry, Aaron Fox. Watch recording. Passcode: [email protected]+k
  • Tues 3 May: Clinician researcher career development. Robert Post. Watch recording. Passcode: ed.K1DN+
  • Tues 27 April: Embedding research into health services. Alison Verhoeven & John Wiggers. Watch recording. Passcode: 9s&lD8aQ
  • Tues 20 April: Mental health royal commission findings. Steve Moylan & Simon Stafrace. Watch recording. Passcode: 3j41sc&m
  • Tues 13 April: Familial hypercholesterolaemia. Gerard Gill, Kara Kew & John Amerena. Watch recording. Passcode: E&W1^tkb
  • Tues 30 March: CHIME, CEDARR and data linkage. Renae Carolin, Dr Dominique de Andrade & Professor Peter Miller. Watch recording. Passcode: D??kH4cB
  • Tues 23 March: Development of a learning healthcare system. Andy Nierenberg. Watch recording. Passcode: V0uDAN??
  • Tues 9 March: COVID vaccine update. Eugene Athan & Misha Coleman. Watch recording. Passcode qjFJo7z=
  • Tues 2 March: BH DU research - setting the scene. Pete Vuillermin, Paul Lightfoot & Trish Livingston. Watch recording.
  • Tues 23 Feb: Palliative care. Meg Harrison & Melissa Bloomer. Watch recording.

Virtual Research Poster Exhibition

Now you can enjoy the research posters submitted by our best and brightest Barwon Health and Deakin University researchers at your leisure.

We now invite you to take a virtual walk through the exhibition. Visit:

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