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Barwon Health / Intensive Care Unit

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Research is a vital part of the intensive care environment. It promotes the introduction of therapies that aid our patients and are cost-effective, and encourages the abandonment of ineffective or harmful therapies. By doing this, research ultimately helps our patients. There are other benefits, including the contribution to the "sense of purpose” in the clinical workplace, improvement of culture and attitudes, and positive impact on staff retention and morale. All research and clinical audit projects are to be conducted in an ethical and responsible manner, in keeping with NHMRC (National Health and Medical Research Council) and Barwon Health guidelines.

Why do research in the ICU?

Research is carried out in intensive care to develop the safest and most successful treatments. We call this 'best practice’. By improving our practice, we improve patient care.

How do patients in the ICU become involved in research?

A member of the research team may ask you to consider including your family/friend in a research project that is being conducted in the ICU. Participation in research is not compulsory. If you do not wish for your family/friend to participate in a research project, you can refuse. You can be sure that their treatment will not be affected if you choose not to take part and they will always continue to receive the best care we are able to offer. Please let us know any concerns.

Why participate in research?

Participating in research will be helping others and possibly your family/friend, by helping pave the way towards more effective care and clinical management.

  • You will only be asked to consider participation in a research project if it is appropriate for your family member/friend
  • You will receive written information about the research project
  • You can be sure that your family member/friend’s dignity, rights, safety, confidentiality and well-being will always be respected

The Barwon Health Research Ethics, Governance and Integrity (REGI) Unit and Human Research and Ethics Committee (HREC) approves all research conducted in the ICU.

Before taking part in a research project you will be given a written explanation and asked to sign a consent form. You can withdraw at any stage if you change your mind.

Last Modified: Monday, 09 July 2018