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Barwon Health / Intensive Care Unit

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Cultural and Spiritual Support

Spiritual Support

Members of the Spiritual Care team are available for any concerns you may have and to offer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To arrange a visit, you can request ICU nursing staff contact them on your behalf. The Spiritual Care team office is on level 2 of University Hospital Geelong, near Kardinia House.

The Spirituality Centre (level 3 near Admissions desk) is a place of peace for reflection, meditation and/or prayer where all are welcome. Supportive care workers understand and respect the relationship between spirituality/faith and health, and want to enable each person to recognise and draw on their own spiritual resources and strength.

Cultural safety is a significant factor in accessibility of health care for all of our patients and families.

Aboriginal Health Liaison Service

Barwon Health is committed to providing culturally responsive care for our local Aboriginal community, and to make an impact on improving the length and quality of the lives of local Aboriginal people.

Barwon Health’s strategic pillar “right care, right time, right place” addresses this effectiveness of care through improved levels of consumer service and cultural awareness. All Barwon Health staff are encouraged to complete the "Aboriginal Cultural Awareness for Staff" online training module.

Barwon Health has an Aboriginal Health Liaison Service located at University Hospital Geelong. The service provides support and advocacy to Aboriginal patients and their families within the acute health setting during business hours.

Aboriginal Health Liaison Officers play a pivotal role within the hospital environment in facilitating the delivery of culturally appropriate services to Aboriginal patients and act as a cultural liaison between Aboriginal patients and the hospital system, enabling understanding of the needs of Aboriginal patients in the provision of healthcare.

Last Modified: Monday, 09 July 2018