Strategic plan

The way we deliver healthcare services has evolved dramatically over the years. The development of Barwon Health's next strategic plan allows an opportunity to consider where we are on the path of evolution and where we want to get to. Basically, where are we going and how do we get there?

The process to develop our 2015-2020 Strategic Plan has begun. It will come to life on 1 July 2015, by which time we expect to have achieved our current vision to be Australia’s leading regional health service.

The first phase of the process was to predict what might change in the community and the health industry over the next five years. The Barwon Health Board has held its first formal strategic planning meeting to consider the issues and opportunities our health service may face.

Stages of the Strategic Plan development process:

Setting the direction
This is where we best predict what might change in the community and the health industry over the next five years.

Vision, mission & values
The Barwon Health Board consider the issues & opportunities we face and sets the vision, mission & values for the next five years.

Pillars & strategies
Executive, managers and consumer representatives identify the priority strategies to achieve the vision and group them into the pillars of the plan.

Strategic initiatives
Each program develops initiatives for each strategy and a plan for the resources needed. Initiatives are linked up across the organisation into goals.

Planning for the first year
This final phase started in March 2015 and merges with the annual business planning process. Managers will develop unit business plans detailing local objectives and actions, and where resources will be focused to accomplish each action in a timely manner.

The aim of this webpage is to allow our internal (our staff) and external (our consumers) community to not only receive information but to provide ideas, give responses, feedback and opinion. Kiosks, or listening posts, will hold the same information in hard copy, allow the same feedback opportunities and will be held at a range of Barwon Health and community sites.

Have your say!
We’d like your opinion on the Strategic Plan to ensure it meets your needs and priorities. Click on the link to the right of the page to take part in our short survey.

Traditional Owners

We, Barwon Health, acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land, the Wadawurrung people of the Kulin Nation. We pay our respects to the Elders both past and present.