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The Barwon Health Department of Infectious Diseases and Infection Prevention is an academic tertiary referral program and incorporates:

  • Expert infection prevention/control service across all Barwon Health sites.
  • Infectious diseases services including consultations, inpatient care and antimicrobial stewardship to all acute care sites.
  • Accredited advanced training in infectious diseases and microbiology.
  • Specialised ambulatory and outpatient services for general infectious diseases, Hospital in the Home, HIV management, sexual and reproductive health, viral hepatitis and refugee health service with multidisciplinary models of care and paediatric input.
  • Psychiatry and pharmacy specialist liaison services and comprehensive community case management programs (HIV/HARP).
  • 24-hour community HIV post exposure prophylaxis service.
  • Extensive infectious diseases research programs in clinical, basic sciences, public health and epidemiology.

The Department works closely with Deakin University, with many of our physicians and staff having teaching roles and academic appointments with the university. We also have close links with the Geelong Centre for Emerging Infectious Diseases (GCEID), a collaborative, multidisciplinary research partnership between Deakin University, Barwon Health and the Australian Animal Health Laboratory (AAHL) and links with Alice Springs Hospital (with our registrars rotating to Central Australia for six month placements).

The Department has active research collaborations locally and internationally, as well as running an active infectious diseases clinical trials unit.

Geelong Centre for Emerging Infectious Diseases (GCEID) in partnership with the Department of Infectious Diseases

Research program:

We are a multidisciplinary research team including basic genomic and pathogen biology scientists, environmental scientists, public health specialists, epidemiologists and expert clinicians.

We are tackling diseases of public health importance including: emerging infections such Mycobacteria ulcerans (Buruli ulcer), zoonotic infections: Coxiella, Rickettsia, Biofilm infections of medical devices - orthopaedic and cardiac, and virulent pathogens like Staphylococcus aureus bloodstream infections, Endocarditis and Clostridium difficle.

Our research team and laboratory is uniquely placed across several campuses with access to patients, population cohorts, clinical samples, bio-banking and clinical trials platforms including Phase 1 through 3 studies.

Our work includes host pathogen relationships, molecular epidemiology, disease transmission and dynamics and future preventative strategies for at risk populations.

For further enquires contact:

Professor Eugene Athan

Email [email protected]

Tel (+61342152375)

Discipline: Infection and Immunity

Meet the team


ID website Eugene Athan

Professor Eugene Athan, MBBS, FRACP, MPH (Infec Dis), MD Candidate

Interests: Health care associated infections including prosthetic joint infection, Infective endocarditis, HIV, Clostridium difficile infection, Clinical trials 

Deputy Director

 ID website Dan Obrien

Associate Professor Daniel O’Brien, MBBS, FRACP (Infec Dis), DMedSc, Dip Anat

Interests: Mycobacterial infections including M. ulcerans, TB and leprosy, HIV, Viral hepatitis, Refugee health and Travel medicine

Infectious Diseases Consultants

ID website Andrew Hughes

Associate Professor Andrew Hughes, MBBS, FRACP (Infec Dis)

Interests: General medicine, HIV, M. ulcerans infection


ID website Deb friedman

Associate Professor Deborah Friedman, MBBS (Hon) FRACP (Infec Dis), MD, MPH

Interests: Health care associated infections, infection control, multidrug-resistant bacteria, M. ulcerans infection, and clinical teaching


ID website Amanda wade

Dr Amanda Wade, MBBS (Hons) FRACP (Infec Dis), PhD

Interests: Viral hepatitis, HIV


ID website Sarah huffam

Dr Sarah Huffam, MBBS, MPH&TM, FAChSHM, FRACP (Infec Dis)

Interests: General infectious diseases, Indigenous health, tropical infectious, sexually transmitted infections, HIV, viral hepatitis, bioethics.


ID website James pollard

Dr James Pollard, MBBS, FRACP (Infec Dis)

Interests: Hospital in the home (HITH), Clinical trials, Viral hepatitis, HIV


ID website Raq Cowan

Dr Raquel Cowan, MBBS, PhD, FRACP (Infec Dis)

Interests: Clinical trials, prosthetic joint infections, HIV, M. ulcerans infection


ID website Yvonne

Dr Yvonne Hersusianto, MBBS, FRACP, FRCPA

Interests: Clinical microbiology


ID website Alex tai2

Dr Alex Tai, MBBS, BmedSc (hons) FRACP (Infec Dis)

Interests: Clinical trials, Travel medicine, Gram negative resistant infections

Director of Microbiology (Australian Clinical Laboratories, Geelong)

ID website Owen harris

Dr Owen Harris, MBBS, FRCPA

Interests: Clinical microbiology, Q fever

Infectious Diseases Consultant/Clinical Microbiologist

ID website Aaron walton

Dr Aaron Walton, MD, FRACP (Infec Dis), FRCPA

Interests: Clinical microbiology, General medicine 

Infectious Diseases registrars 2018

ID website Aaron bloch2

Dr Aaron Bloch, MBBS (Hons)


ID website Louise Parry

Dr Louise Parry, MBBS, BmedSc, DTM&H


ID website Fabian Chiong

Dr Fabian Chiong, MBBS


ID website Caroline Bartolo

Dr Caroline Bartolo, MD



Dr Zohreh Aminzadeh, MD, MPH, OTP (ID specialist, IRAN)

Clinical nurse consultant for Infectious Diseases clinic


Ms Judy-Ann Butwilowsky, RN, Grad Dip Community Health Nursing

Clinical nurse consultant and manager for BRASH (Barwon Reproductive and Sexual Health) clinic

ID website Rochelle Hamilton

Ms Rochelle Hamilton, RN; Reg Midwife; Family Planning Cert 1 & 2; Accred PapTest Provider; Grad Dip Community Health Nursing; Masters Health Science (Sexual Health); Accred HIV/HepC Counsellor; Cert in Counselling HIV/AIDS (Family Therapy) Bouverie Centre; Cert IV Workplace Training & Assessment; Cert in Leadership Management & Development; Clinical Tutor Deakin Medical School (postgraduate program)

HARP (HIV) clinicians for BRASH clinic

ID website Helen Fay

Ms Helen Fay, RN, Grad Dip Palliative Care, Acc HIV & HCV pre-/post testing



Ms Alison Guida, Masters of Public Health, Grad Dip Adol Health & Welfare, BN


ID website Cico

Mr Cico Lobbert, Bachelor of Social Work

Sexual health clinicians

ID website Bianca Forrester

Dr Bianca Forrester MBBS (hons), FRACGP, DFFP (UK)


ID website Michael Roberts

Dr Michael Roberts MBBS, DRACOG, DGUM

Antimicrobial stewardship pharmacist

ID website Alicia Neels

Ms Alicia Neels, B.Pharm (Hons) GradCertPharmPrac

Infection prevention service manager

ID website Paul Simpson

Mr Paul Simpson, RN, BA Hons, MSc (Infection Control), Acc HIV Counsellor

Infection prevention service clinical nurse consultants

ID website Kaylene Styles

Ms Kaylene Styles, RN, BN, Cert Sterilisaton & Inf Control, Acc HIV Counsellor, Cert IV Workplace Assessment & Training



Ms Penny Radalji, RN, Cert of Intensive Care, Grad Dip Critical Care Nursing, Graduate Certificate in Infection Control Nursing


ID website Ann gray

Ms Ann Gray, RN, Cert Sterilisation & Inf Control, Nurse Immuniser, Acc HIV Counsellor, Cert IV Training & Assessment, Adv Dip Business Management, Adv Dip Human Resources Management



Ms Julie Heath, MPH, Credentialed Infection Prevention Practitioner (CICP)  RN, BN, Gazetted Mediator DSCV, Cert S& IC, Cert of Intensive Care, Grad.Dip in Public Health, Cert IV Workplace Assessment & Training



Ms Alison McKenzie, RN, BN, Grad Cert in Nursing Science (Infection Control), Acc HIV Counsellor, Nurse Immuniser, Cert IV in training and Assessment, Cert IV in Frontline Business Management



Ms Kelly Williams, RN, BN

Sepsis scaling collaboration project officers 2018

ID website Alicia Neels

Ms Alicia Neels, B.Pharm (Hons) GradCertPharmPrac



Ms Jemma Trickey, BN, NMIC

Clinical Trials Unit

ID website Alana Sarah

Alana Sarah, BSc (Hons) GCertCR (Graduate Certificate of Clinical Research), ACRP Certified Clinical Research Coordinator, Advanced Dip of Management


ID website Bree Sarah

Bree Sarah, BSc (Hons), Advanced Dip of Management, ACRP Certified Clinical Research Coordinator, Advanced Dip of Management


ID website Jo Chambers

Jo Chambers, BN Div 1RN, GCertDE (Graduate Certificate in Diabetes Education)


ID website Sue Lamb

Sue Lamb, BSc (Biol) & BAppSc (Medical Radiations - Nuclear Medicine), ACRP Certified Clinical Research Coordinator


ID website Kate Ellis

Kate Ellis, BN Div 1 RN

Personal Assistant


Ms Pierangela Weerasekera, Bsc (Microbiology) (Deakin), Diploma of Tertiary Studies (Deakin), Master of Health Policy Administration (Monash) (currently pursuing)

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