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Home Based Rehabilitation Program (HBRP)

The Home Based Rehabilitation Program (HBRP) is an individualised rehabilitation program for clients who require rehabilitation in the context of their own home to facilitate learning and their return to previous activities and lifestyle.The team involves physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, allied health assistant and social work.

Referrals are received from a variety of inpatient and outpatient services, community programs and GPs, within Barwon Health and from other health services.

  • The HBRP is a short-term, client goal directed service with the average length of stay being 6-8 weeks
  • Functional, goals are developed collaboratively with the client and their family/ carers
  • For medical care clients remains under the care of their GP
  • HBRP provides scope to work on activities such as domestic, community and leisure activities. Additionally, it enhances learning for some clients by practicing in real life environments.
  • May be a suitable option for clients who are not able to get to other forms of outpatient therapy for medical reasons/access issues/geography
  • There may be a wait for service depending on priority
  • Depending on the client's needs and individual circumstance clients typically receive one to two therapy sessions per week
  • HBRP is not equipped to provide crisis management, or one off home assessments for safety

Eligibility criteria

All clients must:

  • Have the potential to achieve a realistic rehabilitation goal achievable within a set time-frame
  • Be medically stable (including pain control, wound management)
  • Be cognitively able and willing to participate in a rehab program (or goals relating to family/carer training)
  • Have a safe, suitable home environment. This may be a private home or a supported residential facility (e.g. LLC, SRS, respite), excluding HLC
  • Reside within the following geographical areas: municipalities of City of Greater Geelong, Borough of Queenscliff, Surf Coast Shire Council and some areas of Golden Plains Shire (e.g. within the boundaries of Meredith, Little River, St Leonards, Winchelsea, Anglesea)

Be safe for discharge from an inpatient setting such as:

  • Safe, suitable home environment (i.e. home environment set up with appropriate equipment/modifications by acute OT prior to d/c including home assessment if required)
  • Appropriate services in place on discharge if required
  • Medications supplied for discharge. Client/carer educated re: management of medications and able to manage independently or supports are in place to manage medications
  • Post-discharge appointments arranged
  • Safe mobility with appropriate gait aid
  • Safe access to home using appropriate gait aid/modifications
  • Safe in-home transfers using appropriate gait aid/modifications/equipment
  • Continence management plan in place
  • If client requires assistance/supervision for mobility, ADL or transfers - carer or services need to be in place, in order to provide this level of support

How to refer

Fax referral to Information and Access service on F 03 4215 7795

What to include in referral:

  • Diagnosis, medical history, social background and contact numbers
  • Alerts/risks - environmental risks and behavioural alerts (i.e. client/carer aggression/drug and alcohol issues/social alerts) are imperative for HBRP
  • Inform us if other services are being engaged i.e. HITH, DVA, TAC, private providers, referral to community health
  • Functional status on discharge
  • Functional rehabilitation goals; this is very important and essential for triage

Last Modified: Tuesday, 12 February 2019


Address: Home Based Rehabilitation Program, McKellar Centre, 45-95 Ballarat Road, North Geelong 3215
Contact Hours: 8.00am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday
Car Parking: Available on site
Phone Number: 03 4215 5370