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Interpreter Services

Barwon Health provides a professional, confidential interpreting service to ensure that you or your family member understands and makes informed decisions regarding care and treatment.Barwon Health 2018-329.jpg

Access to interpreters by telephone or onsite are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. If you require an interpreter please ask a staff member to organise one for you through the Ethnic Health Services department.

If you or your family member cannot make a scheduled appointment at Barwon Health, please contact the department to cancel as soon as possible.

We welcome any feedback you may have regarding our interpreting services.

Ethnic Health Services

Ethnic Health Services at Barwon Health is responsible for:

  • Language services - Interpreter Bookings and translation of documents.
  • Staff resource and support - Information on customs, food requirements, etiquette etc. Useful tools such as cue cards in various languages.
  • Education and training - Arranging information sessions and keeping staff informed of current news and events, such as new and emerging communities.
  • Cultivating and strengthening partnerships with other organisations - Providing valuable resources and information, which strengthen our ties to the community.

Aboriginal Health 

Patients who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander can access support from the Aboriginal Health Liaison Officer, when attending Outpatient Appointments. Click here for more details.


Last Modified: Tuesday, 26 February 2019