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Spinal Cord Rehabilitation

(Trauma and Acquired Brain Injury)

Barwon Health offers a spinal cord rehabilitation program. This is a comprehensive, consumer-centred, interdisciplinary rehabilitation program. The service is offered in inpatient and community rehabilitation (outpatient) settings. The service accepts referrals for existing spinal patients from specialist spinal centres, general practice, allied health and other health care providers. The service welcomes enquiries from individual patients and family members of spinal cord injury patients.

Patients with spinal cord injury may be traumatic in nature due to sporting, recreational, motor vehicle or work related accidents. Spinal injuries may also occur in a complication of other medical problems including cancer malignancy and infection. The spinal cord rehabilitation program caters to individuals with private cover, compensation from TAC or WorkCover and public clients.

After an acute spinal injury, patients will often be admitted to an Inpatient Program at an acute hospital, such as University Hospital Geelong. In the case of spinal cord trauma, the client usually has acute care and early phase rehabilitation in a Melbourne centre.

Outpatient programs are used to facilitate improved independence in all activities of daily living after completion of an inpatient program. Outpatient spinal rehabilitation can be a protracted process towards individual patient personal goals that include recovery of mobility, bowel, bladder, sexual function and monitoring of skin integrity. As an individual's rehabilitation proceeds, assistance in return to driving, return to work and other aspects of community engagement are facilitated. Outpatient rehabilitation facilitates self-management by the patient and graduation to community activities such as hydrotherapy and private gym activities.

The spinal cord rehabilitation team comprises rehabilitation specialist medical staff and junior medical staff, a comprehensive team of allied health staff including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, clinical psychology, social work, nursing, podiatry, orthotics, dietetics and recreational therapy.

The Barwon Health Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Program has established linkages with the Victorian Spinal Cord Service including a visiting bi-annual spinal cord clinic of the Royal Talbot regional program.

Last Modified: Thursday, 07 February 2019


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