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Aboriginal Health

Aboriginal Health is 'everyone's business' and Barwon Health is committed to providing culturally responsive care for our local Aboriginal community, and to make an impact on improving the length and quality of the lives of local Aboriginal people.

Accessible health services are critical given the complex health conditions that many Aboriginal people face. Ensuring better access and culturally-sensitive care for Aboriginal people is a whole-of-service responsibility, and one that Barwon Health takes very seriously. Access to health care is well recognised as a key determinant of health, and Barwon Health also recognises this.

Cultural safety is a significant factor in accessibility of health care for our local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. Barwon Health’s strategic pillar “right care, right time, right place” addresses this effectiveness of care through imd levels of consumer service and cultural awareness. All Barwon Health staff are encouraged to complete the "Aboriginal Cultural Awareness for Staff" online training module.

For more information on how to contact the Aboriginal Health team and for health information go to the Aboriginal Health Unit website - click here.

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Last Modified: Monday, 25 July 2022


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