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Healthy Communities - Healthy Workplaces

Healthy workplaces

A workplace that promotes the health and wellbeing of employees can increase employee job satisfaction and engagement. It has also been shown to improve productivity, reduce sick leave and increase employee retention.

Workplaces and the Achievement Program

  • Create a positive, healthy culture
  • Increase employee morale, improve productivity and reduce sick leave
  • Build on the health and wellbeing initiatives you already have in place
  • Be recognised by the Victorian Government and position yourself as an employer of choice.

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The Workplace Achievement Program gives you practical steps and easy-to-use tools and templates to promote and improve health and wellbeing in your workplace. It's more than just a program - it provides you with a framework for continuous improvement; you can work at your own pace; and, it’s completely free. 

If you're already doing great things to promote and encourage health and wellbeing in your workplace, the Achievement Program helps you build on this and get the best results for your business. Backed by evidence, it will also help you communicate your ideas to management and get your workplace leaders and colleagues on board with the initiatives you're proposing. You will also enjoy ongoing support from health professionals. Read more about the program here.

Join over 100 workplaces and 30,000 employees in Geelong who have already made the healthy choice

Register your workplace

Do you want tailored support to develop your health and wellbeing program?

Barwon Health can provide workplaces with one to one support to help you with:

  • Writing a health and wellbeing policy
  • Setting up a wellbeing committee or champions
  • Creating a health and wellbeing action plan
  • Setting up program evaluation
  • Providing opportunities to network and learn from other organisations
  • Connecting you with health and wellbeing experts

To get started contact the Workplace Health team to find out more. 

Workplace Health Resources 

Press the icons below to download our fact sheets on each of the benchmark areas!

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Workplace Health in the Barwon region

Barwon Health support
Barwon Health is the lead local agency in the Greater Geelong region of the Cancer Council Workplace Achievement Program, which was initiated across the state in 2012, led locally by Healthy Together Geelong.

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The COVID-19 outbreak poses a siginificant challenge for everyone. During this time it is important that we look after ourselves and the health of our workers. Whether you’re working from home, in the office or without work at the moment we must all work together, stay connected and support one another. The COVID-19 update for Workplaces bulletin provides links to resources that may be useful in helping you and your workers navigate this challenging time. You can view the bulletin here

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The Workplace Health Network provides opportunities for those involved in health and wellbeing initiatives to share knowledge, collaborate and inform future workplace health events across the region. The network is always open to new members from Achievement Program registered workplaces.


Barwon Health host a number of events around the Workplace Achievement Program throughout the year. These events are designed to support you in implementing the benchmarks of the achievement program in your workplace. They are also a great opportunity to network with other businesses in the Geelong region.


Want to become a health promoting workplace but don't know where to start?
Take a look at these case studies to help you get you started!


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