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Healthy Communities - Healthy Workplaces

What is Healthy Workplaces

A workplace that promotes the health and wellbeing of staff also creates a positive and productive setting where people want to come to work.

What we do

We support local workplaces to achieve better health and wellbeing outcomes for their staff.

Why we do it

Staff spend up to a third of their time at work. Healthy workplaces and healthy staff are great for business, the local economy and a thriving community. Benefits of healthy staff include less staff injuries and illness, increased staff retention and improved productivity.

How we do it

Direct, tailored support to develop workplace health programs

Barwon health can provide workplaces with FREE one-on-one support to help you with:

  • Building a case to get your leaders invested in staff wellbeing
  • Creating a health and wellbeing mission statement or policy
  • Establishing a wellbeing working group or forum
  • Identifying the health and wellbeing needs of your staff
  • Developing a health and wellbeing plan tailored to your staff and organisation
  • Measuring the success of your wellbeing program
  • Providing opportunities to network and learn from others
  • Connecting you with health and wellbeing experts

If you would like tailored support to develop your health and wellbeing program, contact the Workplace Health team to find out more.

Support we can provide

Workplace Health Network

The Workplace Health Network provides opportunity for those involved in health and wellbeing initiatives to share knowledge and collaborate. The network is always open to new members from local workplaces.

Here is the Workplace Network purpose.

If you would like to join the network, please email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Workplace Health eNewsletter

The Workplace Heath eNewsletter spotlights wellbeing topics, highlights local events, and provides tips and resources that supports local workplaces to achieve better health and wellbeing outcomes for their staff.

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Subscribe to the Workplace Health eNewsletter here.


Barwon Health partners with local businesses to deliver events on key Workplace Health topics. These events support you to learn more about how you can create workplace health initiatives that are meaningful to your staff and workplace. They are also a great opportunity to network with other businesses in Geelong region.

Spring into Action Geelong

Geelong workers, it's time to move more this October!

The Spring Into Action Geelong initiative provides opportunities for workers to try physical activities at a free or discounted rate for the month of October.

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We are working with other agencies to increase the health and wellbeing of local workers.


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Last Modified: Thursday, 12 October 2023