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Alan David Lodge

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Room types
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Alan David Lodge is a modern facility located on the Torquay Highway in Charlemont. Surrounded by rustic farmland, the country setting makes Alan David Lodge a peaceful and serene experience for people transitioning into high level care. The facility features spacious design, modern decor, a contemporary colour scheme with natural lighting and connection to external courtyards and the unique community garden precinct.

Room types

  • Single room with private en suite and 15.5m2. Maximum occupancy of one
  • Single room with shared en suite and 15.5m2. Maximum occupancy of one
  • Shared room with shared en suite and 15.5m2. Maximum occupancy of two
  • All rooms feature overhead manual lifting system


Residents can choose to pay for their accommodation by a refundable deposit (RAD), a daily payment (DAP), or a combination of both. A refundable deposit is paid as a lump sum amount. A daily payment accrues daily and is paid periodically, for example, monthly. A combination payment includes both a partial lump sum and daily payments.

Click here for a full list of room prices. 

Additional services

  • Hairdressing salon
  • Community garden
  • Kiosk
  • 'Residential in Reach Program' which prevents admissions to the emergency department by providing residents with access to doctors and Aged/Palliative Nurse Practitioner to manage and treat residents within the facility, if appropriate
  • Inpatient Rehabilitation Services including palliative care and aged psychiatric services
  • Telehealth program, enabling access to private medical specialists as required
  • Men's Shed
  • Resident Trust Account Service
  • Infection Prevention Service.

Last Modified: Tuesday, 12 September 2023


Address: 382 Torquay Road, Charlemont

Phone: 03 4215 6501