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Geriatric Clinic

(Healthcare for older adults)

What is a geriatrician?

A geriatrician is a medical doctor who is specially trained to meet the unique healthcare needs of older adults

What is the Community Geriatric Clinic?

The Community Geriatric Clinic is a new service available at the McKellar Centre. The clinic aims to improve access for people in the community to specialist geriatric medicine. The clinic provides short term intervention for older people in the community with complex conditions requiring geriatric opinion/management as referred by their General Practitioner (GP).

What can the geriatrician help with?

  • Comprehensive geriatric medical assessment which provides medical evaluation, review of medications, physical and mental function
  • Identify the cause of functional decline
  • Optimise management of medical problems
  • Identify need for rehabilitation and admission
  • Educate and support caregivers

The clinic works like most outpatient facilities. A Consultant Geriatrician will conduct an assessment at the clinic and may take approximately one hour.


We require a referral letter and a medical history from your doctor/GP prior to an appointment.

Once your referral is received, we will contact you to offer an appointment. Referrals should be sent to Information and Access.

Last Modified: Friday, 15 December 2023

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