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Progress/final reports & audits

Progress/final reports & audits

Monitoring of research projects at Barwon Health

In alignment with the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research, institutions conducting research must have good institutional governance, ethical review, and management practices in place to encourage and monitor responsible conduct of research and promote research integrity. As such, project monitoring documents, such as progress and final reports, audit documents and amendments, are required to undergo ethics and governance review.

The Barwon Health Human Research Ethics Committee (BH HREC) is required to monitor all approved research in accordance with the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007) (Chapter 5.5 Monitoring Approved Research). Part of the monitoring process includes the review of progress reports, final reports and self-audit tools. The BH HREC empowers the REGI Unit to review the research monitoring documents - progress reports, final reports, self-audits, and other documents as required on their behalf for ratification by the HREC.

Barwon Health Self-Audit Tool

REGI has introduced a self-audit tool, which is deisgned to help research personnel to reflect on their research conduct and to ensure they comply with guidelines for responsible research conduct. The BH HREC requires that Principal Investigators (PIs) complete a self-audit tool annually, after discussion with all members of the research team, and submit along with the annual progress report and retain a copy of the completed tool in the study's files.

Research project reporting requirements

Researchers are required to submit a progress report, or final report if the project has been completed and/or the site has closed, at least annually (see link below for further details). BH requires reports to be submitted to the REGI Unit on the anniversary of the initial ethics approval for each project. Occasionally, reports may be requested at more frequent intervals. A final progress report is also due on the completion of a project, including if the research is discontinued before the expected date of completion, and/or if the site is closed.

It is sufficient to submit one completed report to REGI for both ethics and governance review. You will find the relevant Department of Health templates for progress reports and final reports on the Department of Health & Human Services website. These reports must be submitted, typed and with relevant signatures, using the current versions of these templates, unless otherwise agreed.

The initial BH HREC project approval, once given, is ongoing subject to the receipt of a completed annual progress report, self-audit tool, and notification of any modification to the conditions of the initial project approval. Incomplete documents with inconsistent or absent information and signatures will be returned to researchers for resubmission, and will not be approved.

Acknowledgement of progress/final reports

Upon submission of the progress or final report to [email protected], an automated email message will be sent to the sender to advise that the report has been acknowledged. If no further correspondence is received from the REGI Unit within 30 days of receipt of the automated acknowledgement, the automated acknowledgement email should then be used as confirmation that the progress or final report has been accepted and acknowledged by Barwon Health. If further information or revision is required, the researcher will receive an email request.

Last Modified: Tuesday, 27 August 2019