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Department of Peri-operative, Anaethesia and Pain Management

Research is an essential part of healthcare development. The Department of Anaesthesia, Perioperative Medicine and Pain Management Research Unit have collaborated with local and global collaborators that share an ongoing interest in healthcare quality and safety, performance monitoring and aspects of medical ethics to ensure patients receive the most appropriate care and have the best possible outcomes before, during and after surgery. We provide a comprehensive pre-operative medical assessment and post-operative acute pain service, as well as a multi-disciplinary chronic pain service.

The department is constantly striving to improve patient outcomes via improved anaesthesia and pain management. The department's current research reflects this focus and involves local audit projects, as well as participation in national and international multi-centre studies and locally initiated clinical research studies. We have a particular interest in the management of peri-operative anti-thrombotics, the role of regional anaesthesia in the management of post-operative pain, and peri-operative risk assessment and management.

There are a number of clinical trials offered to patients of University Hospital Geelong with two new exciting trials offered to patients in 2018. Please have a look at our research website for the latest publications and trial information.

Last Modified: Tuesday, 12 February 2019