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The University Hospital Geelong Emergency Department research team has been involved in a wide range of clinical and systems based research around emergency department care over many years. Multisite and collaborative studies and clinical trials have been undertaken investigating both acute emergencies, diagnostics, treatments and public health issues around emergency presentations.

A spectrum of methodologies have been employed in previous and current research including quantitative as well as qualitative and mixed methodology approaches. The broad range of clinical care provided in the University Hospital Geelong Emergency Department has lent itself to a wide range of clinical, translational and systems care research with multiple internal and external collaborations to broaden the scope of research outside of local emergency care.

The early uptake of new modalities of care, systems approaches and models of supervision has also been a consistent theme of the emergency department and is reflected in the research undertaken both in the past and currently. Increasing participation in larger collaborative clinical research projects is an ongoing focus.

Research Areas

Collaborating Organisations

Ambulance Victoria 

Australasian College of Emergency Medicine AFL 

Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Research Centre

B-CORE Colac Area Health 

Deakin University

Epworth HealthCare PREDICT

 South West Healthcare

St John of God Health Care  


Research Team

Research Staff

We have a whole of department approach to research with many contributors from medical, nursing and other clinical groups. Key contributors include:

Research News


Research Grants

  • EDNAV- 2023- 2026

  • FEBCON- NHMRC 2023-2026

  • ARISE- NHMRC funded 2023- ongoing


Featured Publications

Richards H, Robins-Browne K, O'Brien T, Wilson G, Furyk J. Clinical benefits of prone positioning in the treatment of non-intubated patients with acute hypoxic respiratory failure: a rapid systematic review. Emerg Med J. 2021 Aug;38(8):594-599. doi: 10.1136/emermed-2020-210586. Epub 2021 Jun 23. PMID: 34162630.
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Buntine, P., Aldridge, E. S., Craig, S., Crellin, D., Stella, J., Gill, S. D., ... & Rojek, A. M. (2022). Behavioural drivers influencing emergency department attendance in Victoria during the 2020 COVID‐19 pandemic: A mixed methods investigation. Emergency Medicine Australasia34(5), 758-768.
Foster, G., Russell, B., Hibble, B., Shaw, K., & Stella, J. (2022). Magnetic resonance imaging cervical spine in trauma: A retrospective single‐centre audit of patient outcomes.Emergency Medicine Australasia34(1), 65-72.
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Gill, S. D., Stella, J., Chatterton, M. L., Lowry, N., Kloot, K., Reade, T., ... & Page, R. S. (2023). Economic consequences of injury in female Australian footballers: A prospective observational study of emergency department presentations.Emergency Medicine Australasia.
Gill, S. D., Anagnostelos, L., Stella, J., Lowry, N., Kloot, K., Reade, T., ... & Page, R. S. (2023). Wrist, hand and finger injuries in Australian football: A prospective observational study of emergency department presentations. Emergency Medicine Australasia.
Rolley, T., Gill, S.D., Keast, M., Reade, T., Page, R., Bonacci, J., Stella, J., Johnson, B. and Fox, A., 2023. Anticipatory effects on side-step cutting biomechanics in Women’s Australian Football League players. BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine9(2), p.e001587.
Borland, M. L., Dalziel, S. R., Phillips, N., Dalton, S., Lyttle, M. D., Bressan, S…. Furyk, J…. et al, & Paediatric Research in Emergency Departments International Collaborative (PREDICT) group. (2023). Incidence of traumatic brain injuries in head‐injured children with seizures. Emergency Medicine Australasia,35(2), 289-296.

Franklin, D., Babl, F. E., Neutze, J., Craig, S., Oakley, E., Furyk, J., ... & Study, A. P. A. R. I. (2023). Predictors of Intensive Care Admission in Hypoxemic Bronchiolitis Infants, Secondary Analysis of a Randomized Trial. The Journal of pediatrics256, 92-97


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Clinical trials require ongoing investment and there are several ways to support this amazing work.

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Wish List

  1. Small donations of $1000 up to $5000 would provide hours of nursing support to assist in a number of projects requiring data and coding inputs

  2. Medium donations could provide seed funding for larger projects requiring more input. This could be put towards a number of projects exploring the impact of COVID and lockdown laws on ED presentations. $16000 would create a 0.3 EFT nursing research assistant position for half a year

  3. Larger donations could help fund the ongoing research assistant position with $30000+ funding the research assistant for a year at 0.3+ EFT.

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