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Cancer: Barwon South West Region Integrated Cancer Services (BSWRICS)

Barwon South Western Regional Integrated Cancer Services (BSWRICS) is located at Barwon Health, and works in partnership with health services to promote coordinated planning, system integration and improvement of cancer services across their respective regions. BSWRICS is funded by the Department of Health and Human Services and our vision is to improve patient experiences and outcomes by connecting cancer care and driving best practice.

We manage the Evaluation of Cancer Outcomes Barwon South West Registry (ECOBSW Registry), a regional dataset on diagnosis, clinical pathways and outcomes for all patients with cancer attending a hospital within the Barwon South West Region. The registry supplies the evidence-based data for service redesign projects.

Research Areas

Collaborating Organisations

Australian Department of Health 

Cancer Council Victoria  Dept of Health Victoria South West Healthcare  Western District Health Service 

Colac Area Health

St John of God Health Care 

Portland District Hospital 

Epworth Geelong Icon Group Warrnambool

Icon Geelong



Research Team

Research Staff


  • Alison Patrick, Program Manager
  • Leigh Matheson, Health Information Manager
  • Melody Mitchell, Data Collection Officer
  • Leesa Jenkins, Service Development Officer
  • Nathalie Davis, Service Development Officer
  • Warren Flatt, Service Development Officer

Clinical Support Team

  • A/Prof Philip Campbell, Director Andrew Love Cancer Centre
  • Dr Graham Pitson, Director Radiotherapy, Andrew Love Cancer Centre
  • A/Prof Ian Collins, St John of God Health Care Warrnambool
  • Dr Cheng Hon Yap
  • Dr Madhu Singh

Research News

Featured Publications

Prostate cancer survival in South West Victoria. Natalie Chilko, Samantha Dean, Leigh Matheson, Richard Grills, Adee Davidson, Paul Kearns, David Campbell, Margaret Rogers, Ian M Collins.  Australian Journal of Rural Health. May 2022.
Measuring the quality of cancer care in the Barwon South Western Region, Victoria, Australia.  Matheson LM, Pitson G, Yap CH, Singh M, Collins I, Campbell P, Patrick A, Rogers MJ.  International Journal of Quality in Health Care  2021;33(1)
Oral Cancer in South West Victoria.  Rogers MJ, Howard B, Matheson L, Pawlak J, Smith MC, Patel A, Sim F, Mathlam M, Patrick A.   Australian Journal of Nursing Oncology 2020;20(2) xx
MA19.11 Population based analysis of end of life treatment patterns in thoracic malignancies.  Pitson G, Matheson LM, Eastman P, Rogers MJ.  Journal of Thoracic Oncology 2019 14(105):S329-S330
Management of neuroendocrine tumours in metropolitan and regional South West Victoria. Dean SL, Hayes T, Rogers MJ, Versace V, Collins IM. Asia-Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology.    2019; 15(9), 104-212  Abstract 200
Prostate cancer outcome disparity in South West Victoria.  Dean SL, Matheson LM, Davidson AJ, Grills R, Kearns P, Campbell D, Collins IM, Rogers MJ.  Asia-Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology.  2019;15(9), 104-212 Abstract 184.

Improvement in early survival for cancer in the South West Victoria.  Rogers MJ, Kim M, Matheson L, Riches S, Yap CH, Pitson G, Campbell P.  Australian Journal of Nursing Oncology.  2019;20(2): 14-19 xx

Population-based analysis of radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment in the last month of life within regional Australia.  Pitson G, Matheson L, Garrard B, Eastman P, Rogers M. Intern Med J  2020;50(5):596-602.

Use of clinical quality indicators to improve lung cancer care in a regional/rural network of health services.  Kim ML, Matheson L, Garrard B, Francis M, Broad A, Malone J, Eastman P, Rogers M, Yap CH. Aust J Rural Health  2019;27(2):183-7.

Improvement in early survival of cancer in South West Victoria. Rogers MJ, Kim M, Matheson L, Riches S, Yap C, Pitson G, Campbell P. Aust J Nursing Oncol  2019;20(2): 14-19

Influence of socioeconomic factors and distance to radiotherapy on breast-conserving surgery rates for early breast cancer in regional Australia:  implications of change. [NOTE - Full text for Barwon Health staff; public can view abstract]. Collins, IM, Lum, C., Versace, VL. Asia Pac J Clin Oncol  2018 14(5):e224-e230.

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Comparison of outcomes for cancer patients discussed and not discussed at a multidisciplinary meeting. Rogers MJ, Matheson L, Garrard B, Maher B, Cowdery S, Luo W, Reed M, Riches S, Pitson G, Ashley DM. Public Health  2017;149:74-80.

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Retrospective analysis of cancer survival across South-Western Victoria in Australia. Wong SF, Matheson L, Morrissy K, Pitson G, Ashley DM, Khasraw M, Lorgelly PK, Henry MJ. Aust J Rural Health  2016;24(2):79-84.

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Characteristics of cancer diagnoses and staging in south western Victoria: A rural perspective. [NOTE - Full text for Barwon Health staff; public can view abstract]. Banks P, Matheson LM, Morrissy K, Olesen I, Pitson G, Chapman A, Ashley DM, Henry MJ. Aust J Rural Health  2014;22(5):257-63.

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Radiotherapy in the Barwon South Western region: A rural perspective. Henry MJ, Jones P, Morrissy K, Matheson LM, Pitson G, Healy P, Coory M, Lynch R, Chapman A, Ashley D. J Med Imaging Radiat Oncol  2014;58(5):612-7.

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Machine-learning prediction of cancer survival: A retrospective study using electronic administrative records and a cancer registry. Gupta S, Tran T, Luo W, Phung D, Kennedy RL, Broad A, Campbell D, Kipp D, Singh M, Khasraw M, et al. BMJ Open  2014;4(3):e004007-004007.

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Wish List

  1. $75,000 would fund a Research Fellowship studying Chemotherapy: a real world perspective. Chemotherapy is initially tested in clinical trials with strict guidelines and patients who fit specific criteria. In the real world, patients come with many different comorbidities and the potential for drug interactions. We would like to test whether the effectiveness of the major chemotherapy treatments meets our expectations in our population-based sample of patients with cancer.
  2. $75,000 would fund a Research Fellowship studying cancer diagnosis and survival trajectory. Cancer can sometimes be an acute episode or a long term battle.  We would like to explore the demographic, diagnostic and treatment differences for these patients that would give us a clearer view of their predicted pathway.
  3. $37,000 would fund a Research Fellowship that investigates whether our older patients are receiving the treatment they deserve. We would like to explore the treatment received across the ages to see if our elderly patients are given the same choices as our younger persons.

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Research Leads


Alison Patrick RN RM BHsci Nursing, MBA, Program Manager BSWRICS



Leigh Matheson BHsci, BHIM, Health Information Manager



St Mary’s Hall, Geelong Vic 3220

Phone (03) 4215 0459

[email protected]