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Note: Ethics Review Manager (ERM) Browser Update

As of 31 July, ERM will no longer support Internet Explorer and Old Microsoft Edge browsers.

If you are currently using these browsers, we advise you to update to the new Microsoft Edge browser or Google Chrome.

Browsers to use:

 ERM browsers


Ethics Review Manager (ERM) is a paperless information management system for completion, submission and storage of:

  • Ethics applications
  • Research governance/site specific assessment (SSA) applications
  • Post approval (ethics) forms
  • Post authorisation (research governance) forms

The communication features of ERM ensure that the entire life-cycle of a research project can be managed within the ERM system.

As of 2 March 2020, all submissions must come through ERM and email submissions will no longer be accepted. All approval letters, authorisation letters, acknowledgements, requests and feedback will be provided within ERM to ensure all study documentation and correspondence is stored in one place.

I'm not sure if my project is on ERM. How can I find out?

Please contact the REGI Unit so we can do a search for you. If the project was initially submitted via Online Forms, the project has been migrated to ERM and we may need to organise for the project to be transferred to you.

What if my project isn't on ERM and I need to submit an amendment, report or safety item?

A Legacy Application Replacement Form (LARF) should first be completed on ERM (consult the REGI Unit first before completing). Once completed, a 'sub-form' can be created in order to submit the required post-approval item. See instructions on 'How to Create a LARF and Submit Post Approval Items' at the top of this page.

All guides, instructions and tips on using ERM are available above.

For technical assistance, please contact:

Infonetica Helpdesk

☎ (02) 9037 8404

[email protected]

Coordinating Office for Clinical Trial Research

☎ (03) 9096 7394



Last Modified: Friday, 13 August 2021