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Cancer Services Trials Unit - Mandy McPhee


I studied Biological Sciences at Deakin University and then went on to study Nutritional Science at La Trobe University. While studying over the 6 years I worked within various research groups such as Baker IDI and Deakin University as Research Assistant in school group and community research projects looking mainly at the health and activity levels of those population groups.

From there I went on to work for 7 years in Respiratory Research and then Psychiatric Research at Deakin University. All of which reiterated to me, my love of research and working towards finding better treatment options for patients.

Research Focus Mandy McPhee about me

Currently at CSTU I work predominately in breast cancers studies. I am working on trials, which look to determine if there is an increased benefit in giving women endocrine therapy for their hormone driven cancers prior to surgery and if radiotherapy adds any benefit to low grade breast cancer outcomes. These studies involve us following the patients for many years before there can be a reliable outcome.


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Last Modified: Monday, 26 September 2022

Mandy McPhee

Bachelor Science, Biology and Nutrition

Clinical Trial Coordinator, CSTU

[email protected]

Phone: (03) 4215 2756