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Barwon Health and Deakin researchers take out COVIDTHON Research Prize

Thursday, 30 March 2023

Congratulations to Dr Darcie Cooper and Dr Michael Muleme from the Barwon Health Public Health Unit, who were part of the winning team at COVIDthon, the Victorian Department of Health’s datathon that brings together researchers, data scientists and clinicians to explore COVID-19 and its ongoing impact on healthcare and service delivery in Victoria.

Darcie and Michael were part of the ‘Long COVID’ team that included Danielle Hitch, Deakin health economist, three data scientists and an academic. Their research question was “What are the demographic and clinical characteristics of people accessing health services three to six months after COVID-19 infection, and what services do they access?” As winners, the team will have the opportunity to complete and extend their studies. 

For future work, the team hope to tackle the challenge of identifying who has ‘Long COVID’ and who doesn’t, and also to produce risk-profile tools to assist with prioritising service provision for long COVID patients.

COVIDthon winners

The victorious Long COVID team featuring Dr Darcie Cooper (centre) and Dr Michael Muleme (far right).