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Barwon Health researchers recognised in international bone health publication

Monday, 13 July 2020

Congratulations to Barwon Health and Deakin University researchers Pamela Rufus-Membere, Kara Holloway-Kew, Mark Kotowicz and Julie Pasco, whose 2019 Endocrinology publication “Associations Between Bone Impact Microindentation and Clinical Risk Factors for Fracture” has been selected for inclusion in the 2020 Endocrine Society Bone Health Thematic Issue. This special issue is a curated collection of journal articles focused on bone health that were published in 2018–2020.

In this publication, the team establishes that risk factors for fracture are associated with poor bone impact microindentation (BMSi), a way of assessing bone hardness, and would be consistent with BMSi being a valuable for assessing fracture risk.

Described by the Society as a cutting-edge, influential contribution to the endocrine community, this selection recognises the significant impact of the team’s work on osteoporosis research across the world.

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