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Barwon Health celebrates Clinical Trials Day in style

Monday, 22 May 2023

International Clinical Trials Day arrives each May as an opportunity to reflect and recognise all that has been accomplished thanks to clinical trials and the people behind them. New medicines and therapies. Healthier, longer lives.

Barwon Health has than 200 trials currently underway, tackling infectious diseases, diabetes, cancer, obesity, mental illness, child health, heart disease and more. To find out more or get involved, click here. We were proud to celebrate 2023 International Clinical Trials Day with:

  • A community update from Barwon Health researchers about some of the health advances made possible by clinical trials, as well as exciting new trials that are currently recruiting. Click here to watch the recording. Passcode 0!98QEgb
  • A morning tea to thank our clinical trials staff for their contribution to the health of our community

Clinical Trials Day Group


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