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How do I access my health records?

If you want to know more about your care, you can:

  • Ask a member of the clinical team treating you
  • Get a second opinion if you like
  • Choose another person or organisation to speak on your behalf
  • Ask about the qualifications and experience of staff providing your care and treatment
  • You can apply through Freedom of Information (FOI) legislation to see and receive copies of your health records. Our FOI Officer can provide advice about making such a request on 4215 1168. There will be a charge for this service.
  • Click here to print the FOI application form, or contact the FOI Officer to arrange to collect or be mailed the form.
  • As of 1 July 2018, the application fee for a request for access to documents under Sect 17 of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic) (FOI Act) is $28.90. There are other fees and charges that may be applicable, the FOI Officer can explain these to you.

If you want access to general health and medical information, you can also visit or phone Better Health Channel on 1800 126 637. This information is quality assured by the Department of Health & Human Services.