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Local business wins document management tender

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

The tender for Barwon Health’s document management system, PROMPT, has been officially awarded to local Geelong business Evologic.

In May this year, the Department of Health and Human Services supported Barwon Health’s proposal to redevelopment the PROMPT document management system.

For an organisation like Barwon Health, PROMPT is vital to ensure the right information is available at the right time to provide the right care for patients, and ensuring that quality and safety is at the forefront of all patient care.

After receiving State Government funding of $1.3M towards the PROMPT rebuild, an open tender was released for the software development, hosting and support for PROMPT in July 2018. From the 10 responses received, evaluations have concluded, awarding Evologic as the successful bidder to develop and deliver the PROMPT rebuild.

Geelong-based Evologic was founded over 15 years ago and specialises in cloud-based, IT managed services. Evologic has partnered with Lancom Technologies, a NZ technical partner, to deliver the solution.

Barwon Health’s PROMPT Project Manager, David Morrison, said this unique partnership will allow PROMPT to take advantage of the latest technologies whilst giving the application a fresh new look.

“Barwon Health is looking forward to working with Evologic. Utilising cloud-based services means the system will be maintainable and extensible for future technical change. New features will also be released with the PROMPT rebuild to help strengthen the governance and accreditation of documents,” David said.

Chris Davies, Managing Director of Evologic, said Evologic are excited to partner with Barwon Health.

“We are uniquely positioned in the Geelong market with a large local team of infrastructure specialists, as well a global network of partners built over years of sharing and collaboration,” Chris said. “We have partnered with Lancom Technologies in Auckland, NZ, to deliver a scalable, cloud-based solution, levering their deep technical knowledge and proven track record of successful projects.”

The new PROMPT is due to be released in July 2019.