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CHIME: New Barwon Health & Deakin University Centre of Excellence to Improve Mental Health

Thursday, 12 November 2020

Change to Improve Mental Health Centre of Excellence (CHIME) is a newly formed translational research partnership between Barwon Health and Deakin University. CHIME aims to deliver an evidence-based, consumer-centred and co-designed approach to mental health service improvement. 

CHIME will draw on Barwon Health’s deep knowledge of the local population and mental health service delivery, and leverage the world-leading research, innovation and online education and training capabilities at Deakin University. 

Next generation artificial intelligence and digitally enabled technologies and platforms will be accelerated to provide a world-leading and uniquely effective response to improve the delivery of mental health services for the Barwon region.

Interim Director of CHIME Renae Carolin said mental health is increasingly being recognised as one of the most important and yet challenging issues of our time. 

“Across the board, consumers, carers, mental health care providers, governments and communities acknowledge that the mental health system is under considerable stress, and that there is an urgent need for reform,” Ms Carolin said. 

“Barwon Health and Deakin University, through the newly formed CHIME partnership, have an opportunity to take a leadership role in these reforms.

“I hope CHIME will transform how we undertake and translate research into our mental health services, and that it will leverage new treatments, technologies and therapeutics, new ways of delivering services and enhance consumers’ and carers’ agency in their own treatments and services. 

“CHIME also aims to engender a culture of innovation and continuous improvement to attract and retain the best mental health workforce including researchers, clinicians and peer support workers to the Barwon region. Ultimately, CHIME will support the establishment of a dynamic and world leading learning mental health care system.”

CHIME will be launched at the Convergence Science Network webinar event Transforming Mental Health: The Barwon Region Experience on 23 November 2020. The event brings together academia, policy makers, clinicians, community leaders and people with a lived experience of mental health to find synergies and share insights to support transformation of mental health services in the Barwon region. It will explore how bringing together different perspectives and ideas can drive service improvements, and outcomes for people impacted by mental illness.